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Restore the Republic

Murder For Hire

July 22, 2016 | General, History, Republic, Sovereignty

by Nicholas Testaccio

We have had an horrific shooting, in which 49 people were killed and over 50 wounded. A man who was born here, of Afghani descent, carried out this act of terrorism. To add to that, Mateen had been interrogated by the FBI and was an employee of G4S Security (a DHS contractor).

Judge Andrew Napolitano recently read from an FBI report wherein they stated that no one died in the Pulse nightclub until 5:13 AM.

We have had an attack on police, resulting in five dead and six wounded by possibly two shooters, or as it goes the lone gunman, using military style tactics (according to reports). Six more shot in Baton Rouge, and every time I look there has been another incident.

Half of what we know cannot be properly verified, nor do I expect it to be as-is the case of Sandy Hook (now classified under National Security with FOIA request routinely denied). On a more global scale we are denied the full story of what happened in Benghazi. The depths of misinformation seem to be bottomless.

My journey into this starts many years ago as a young child listening to the family talking politics and life in general. Back then it seemed that no one trusted government and behind most events you could uncover a conspiracy. Certainly the Federal Reserve, the Income Tax, and WMD’s in Iraq are three of the most obvious.

I’ve heard men, such as Dr. Steve Pieczenik, state that Sandy Hook was a conspiracy involving many, many participants.

For shootings such as the Aurora Theater and now Pulse nightclub, we know that witnesses claimed multiple shooters were involved. Perhaps in Orlando, with a bit of help from the FBI, we can conclude that those other shooters were all police.

Would the government cover up the facts and would the media participate in the cover up? Without a doubt. For what purpose? One could certainly be that the administration is intent on disarming the populace. Another could be that one or more of these attacks were bona fide terrorist attacks perpetrated by someone, who the FBI was well aware of, had plans. Another still, goes back to the employer of Omar Mateen, G4S – a government contractor performing the same type of work as Blackwater.

However, what prompted me to write this particular article was the fact that I was approached by a co-worker who asked for my take on what had happened in Orlando. In short, he could not reconcile the story being promoted by the media. It simply did not make sense to him and certainly we can agree that a lot of what we are told makes little to no sense.

I mention that because in studying history back in school we engaged the topics of the day as current events and legislative action of the congress. As a young teenager I had no idea that we would be living out what was opined in those discussions. The legislation then was not for the benefit of the people, but rather the slow and inevitable destruction of all rights by a small group of men and women who have no regard for their fellow man. Their primary concern is the ill-gotten gains they can obtain for selling out the populace. Those of us they consider useless-feeders.

This is no longer a republic. We have not operated in a capitalist environment for decades. Our existence is based in conspiracy, lies, and ignorance. Most Americans would much rather not be involved in the truth. Lies are much easier to absorb for the masses. Hitler is quoted as saying, “If you tell a big enough lie and tell it frequently enough, it will be believed.” Every day is given to those words as I watch this nation fall for every charlatan, politician, or media personality who is incapable of telling the truth.

Certainly, most American’s wouldn’t recognize a conspiracy if you placed every piece of evidence in their laps. The only thing that would matter is what the corporate media portrayed, and the fact that in this modern day and age with communication as it is it would be impossible to pull something off as large as Newtown.

News Flash folks! It’s easier today than it has ever been. The narrative starts before the event is understood.

Ridiculous you say? The Internet provides the means for both sides of the story to come to pass quickly, and in most cases without all the facts in place. The question is, who controls the narrative? In years past you had investigative journalists who were not limited by a corporate media (that took its marching orders from DC), but rather were interested in learning the truth.

The facts were not readily available, so someone would have to go out and vet the information. It wasn’t ‘here it is’, ‘don’t believe anything else after this’ even when you see inconsistencies in the story. The vast majority will confine themselves to the boob tube and not look any further than their noses. Certainly I’m not off the mark when I say that government fabricates situations such as Private Lynch’s story and Pat Tillman’s murder, Nayirah testimony, Saddam’s WMD’s, and then there is Western created ISIS.

There is also the fact that FBI organizes almost all terror plots in the US. I don’t expect the intended audience to read any of the links that I’ve posted here because that might actually disturb their understanding of what is taking place in this country, so I’ll just go to the point of this article:


Corporations from the so-called mainstream media, to the military industrial complex, to the pharmaceutical giants control the agenda. Municipal water resources are sold to private companies. Land is stolen by the BLM in order that foreign nations or corporations can take it over. The list of fascist enterprise is staggering.

Our elected representatives and bureaucrats have no problem selling us out to line their pockets, and it is the corporate media that fools the people into believing the very notions we should abhor.

What has any of this done for the American people? The Flint, Michigan water crisis goes well beyond what we initially thought. Can someone justify to me why the federal and state EPA’s were not on top of this a long time ago? It just didn’t creep up on us unexpectedly.

Now to the point that really hits home and displays, not only the ignorance of the American public, but also the callus attitude for which the elite display by ignoring and disparaging the truth; a barrage of vaccines and other pharmaceuticals.

Let’s first recognize the fact that the eradication of disease in this country is due, in large part, to our change in primary health functions such as bathing and clean water. Diseases such as polio were already on the decline when the vaccine became available. “In 1977, Dr Jonas Salk, who developed the first polio vaccine, testified along with other scientists that mass inoculation against polio was the cause of most polio cases throughout the USA since 1961.”

Jenny McCarthy, an activist in the autism spectrum field made vaccines and the effects they have on children a news topic. Since then there have been court cases proving the detrimental effect of the vaccine schedule on children that has prompted some doctors to come out and give us some insight of the vaccine to autism issue.

Obesity, autism, polio, tuberculosis, and even small pox are on the rise. Part of it has to do with Top 9 vaccines you never need…” Some of it has to do with this government allowing millions of illegal aliens to enter who are carrying infectious diseases. Certainly, water pollution plays a big part. Then there is the food chain.

It should be noted that Vladimir Putin is making Russia a GMO free country, and that Russia will be the #1 exporter of non-gmo foods. Why? Because despite the corporate media promotion of, if not outright lies, certainly questionable scientific studies have fooled the majority. Some scientists are starting to speak out on the real dangers of genetically engineered food.

We are under attack. Genocide is taking place in this country and it is being covered up not only by legislators, bureaucrats and corporate entities, but also a public that consistently refuses to investigate the facts and admit they’ve been deceived.

The people who are supposed to represent you do not. They represent themselves, the power and the lust for money. Their concern is the expansion of government and the eradication of resistance. Their actions are no different than Hitler, Stalin, Pol-Pot, or Idi Amin.

We are looking at so many attacks on the good people of this nation, that I’m absolutely amazed at how complacent the majority appears to be. In the face of these attacks what does government do? If you need to understand the dynamic of what is taking place and why we are in the midst of genocide and political cleansing, just look to the states of California, and Massachusetts where the disarming of the people is in full force.

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