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Restore the Republic

“I Want the Truth”

April 14, 2017 | 1st Amendment, General, Sovereignty

by Nicholas Testaccio

Are Americans willing to see, or hear the truth? Can they handle it, or even comprehend the truth when it is spelled out for them?

“I want the truth.” The now famous line uttered by Tom Cruise in the movie “A Few Good Men” tells us much about our character today. We either can’t handle it, or have been blinded by so much propaganda that we’re incapable of recognizing the truth.

America is under attack “by enemies both foreign and domestic”. I have no qualms in stating that we have those in government who are feverishly working to put an end to this once great experiment. This last election exhibited the depths, to which the “elite” will go to destroy this country. They’ve worked for years to rape the common man. They can’t afford to allow you and I to have a true say in the running of this nation.

The saddest part of this is that we have those, with rather loud mouths, who profess to know the truth, but do not comprehend what they are to do with their platform. Unintentionally, or perhaps intentionally they’ve built themselves a following of misguided, and misinformed. There is plenty of backslapping, and celebrations for victories that are at best temporary, or fleeting, but as I’ve asked in the past, have we put one of the scoundrels behind bars?

When bombs drop, bullets fly, and truth becomes a casualty, lives are ruined or lost. Whatever the motives, the means, the directions, or underlying force, be it spiritual, alien, or human, there is no doubt that suffering is a mark of the latest tragedy. Something we see, and can lay hand upon is a task to comprehend and resolve. As Patrick Henry stated, “But different men often see the same subject in different lights”, and therein lies the path to our defeat. The vast majority seems incapable of recognizing what is right in front of them.

You cannot keep yelling, “the sky is falling” while telling your intended audience that they need to stand under the debris and take the brunt of the damage. No matter what side of the fence you stand, or what your beliefs are, this is a physical world. As Morpheus explained to Neo, “Your mind makes it feel real”. So it is in that condition that you currently live whether you like it or not. You cannot transcend the current state until you are willing to accept and overcome it on the terms and conditions that make it feel real.

In other words, there is no passage through a locked door, for which you have no key. Build the key with what you have, and you will gain further knowledge that helps you to rise above what makes it feel real.

For the conspiracy theorist, the fervent believers in a one true God, or however else you define your present state, may I point you to the King James bible, Luke 10:19; “Behold, I give unto you power to tread on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy: and nothing shall by any means hurt you.” Whether you believe that those are the words of one Creator, or some alien race that planted us here, they translate to a simple instruction. You, in whatever reality you choose to place yourself, are responsible for the outcome.

It is up to you to resolve the issues you confront. There is no deity, superior being, or “one-eyed one horned flying purple people eater” that is going to come down and save you from you. What do I mean by this?

Your challenge, should you choose to accept it, is to take the tools you have at hand and build the means, by which you will overcome whatever obstacle or threat is placed in your path. It should be obvious that you cannot fight with tools you neither have at hand, nor have the means of building at this particular time.

Take what you have, build on that in order to find what is beyond the veil that we see in front of our eyes. This of course leads me to what I see in front of me, and what it is that I will do with my meager skills and knowledge. For if there is one thing in this World, of which I am certain, it is the fact that my beliefs can be shattered in a heart beat. I make no pretense as to knowing what lies out there in what appears to be an ever-expanding Universe.

I could write about the things I’ve seen, the spiritual encounters, or experiences that I’ve had, but I choose not to. I do so because my reality doesn’t fit into what anyone else believes. If I’ve seen the unbelievable, someone else has seen more, and therefore I’m irrelevant. If I’ve had a spiritual encounter, I’ve witnessed the works of the devil because it falls on ears that can’t believe they are not superior in spirit to me. If I were to relate other aspects of my life, according to those who know more than me, someone, or some thing has duped me.

I can tell you that in my life I’ve been fed so much tripe that turns out to be wrong that it boggles the mind. Even with that, the same folks come back and keep telling me that I’m the one who doesn’t know. When I write here, it is about the state of affairs that I can combat.

So, until that day that I must face some horrible entity, Predators, creatures from the Black Lagoon, or the day comes that the good Lord calls me, and I can actually see what lies beyond this mortal plane, I will continue the battle with those tools that I have in front of me. I know that any entity that is an enemy of mankind will not give me access to whatever I might use to overcome evil, and until the day comes that I can design, acquire, or build the means of success I need to fight with what I have.

There is a simple logic in all of this that I subscribe to. I have been given limited gifts, from which I will build my life. I will lay the foundation for what I can define, and ascend my spirit to the next level. Without that belief, all I have is speculation, theory, and inferences from sources that may or may not be friendly to my health and welfare.

My reality is not your reality. That may be conceptual as I see it because my essence could be on a different level than others. My reality may conflict with yours because I believe I understand the nature of life. We are here to learn, and build upon those lessons based on our needs in what very well might be an evolution of spirit that takes us through a million life times.

If I’ve learned one thing in this life, it is that love is eternal. Beyond that, I know this. If there is one reality to be had in this World it is that in the great expanse of the Universe, there is more than I could absorb were I capable of using One Hundred percent of my brain. So it is not the destination that is the goal, but rather the journey.

If my journey was paved by those who toiled, strove, and overcame long before this day, it is my duty to take their knowledge to build upon. I say duty because a foundation was laid that was successful. I either can spend my time hoping for the best, or I can use the tools that have been past down. Sharpen the old sword, clean the old rifle, and keep them in shape for the day we finally understand that it is up to us “to execute” the rules to our favor. Hope is fine, but it is simply a mindset that only moves our emotions.

And thus ends my rant for today.

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