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Restore the Republic

This Fourth of July – 2017

June 30, 2017 | General

by Nicholas Testaccio

Some One Hundred Years ago my maternal grandfather came here on a merchant ship. He left that vessel, walked down to the local recruitment office and enlisted.

He was assigned to the “Fighting 69th”, so back he went to Europe in the midst of WWI.

He cautioned those in his family who followed that “War is a horrible, horrible thing. It’s not what you think it is.” I heard that as a young boy who could not quite grasp the sense of what was being said. I did not even know what grandpa’s role was, but each day I visited my grandparents, I saw the uniform of a Doughboy hanging in the corner.

To this day, I regret not knowing more, or being able to question grandpa on the horrors of war, and devastation heaped upon both the victor, and the vanquished. The tears shed by mothers, fathers, wives, sons, daughters, and the whole of the community. The heartbreak that comes with the knowledge that you’ll never see that sparkle in the eyes of a lost one, or knowing that a child will grow not knowing that person who brought him into this world. Forgetting the laughter, or the caress of that significant being in your life, and instead eliciting screams from the bottom of your heart for the irreconcilable loss is all that is left.

Yet here we are, some One Hundred Years after my grandpa, and perhaps yours who dug a trench, huddled in fear, cried in pain, and fired a round ending the life of someone else’s (someone you and I will never know) grandpa.

There are factions in our government pushing us into what could be an Extinction Level Event. War today may, or should I say would, lead to a nuclear exchange.

This can be prevented, but it is up to “We the People” in our role as sovereigns to regain control of our government, and hopefully prevent a war, in which the death toll may be counted in the billions.

Even if cooler heads prevail and it doesn’t turn nuclear, look at what is taking place around the Globe. Civil war could commence in any one of a number of countries due to ongoing conflicts, migrations, terror attacks, racial strife, and even political discord.

It seems that politicians, across the board, are hell bent on placing us smack in the middle of a war that will have the streets running red. It could be you, it could be me who become one of the many victim’s of the propaganda spewed out from the halls of government, and echoed in the voices of talking heads paid to sell out their fellow Americans.

Madness appears to be the norm in the Congress where they pat each other on the back for doing such a great job despite the fact that the vast majority are criminally insane. I don’t want to hear the compliments upon which they lavish each other. I want to hear righteous indignation at the corruption, treachery, and tyranny.

It is not just in the halls of the legislatures, or from the benches of the courts, but also everywhere around you. Look at the NY Times, the LA Times, the Washington Post, the Hill, the Huffington Post, ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, and the list goes on. Those media outlets are staffed with those who are willing to follow orders, deceive, and promote, in every which way, the means of your enslavement.

The lies, propaganda, and the agenda to destroy the basic principles of this Republic must end.

Those who have laid the path to tyranny, and their accomplices who hide behind the First amendment as a means of promoting an end to this nation, must be brought to justice. There must be long, and harsh prison sentences. They need to be reminded that the rule of law is not a plaything that can be changed to suit a certain ideology, but rather a basis for maintaining a free country.

Remember my friends that while you twist your facts to suit your beliefs, your children, grandchildren, and their children may suffer the consequences of you turning a blind eye to what is taking place.

The horror of war will find its way to your doorstep if you are unwilling to take charge as was intended two hundred forty one years ago. This was meant to be a nation in which the People maintained ultimate control. We are now a nation fighting over this agenda or that. Squabbling over what this or that means, but also, and disturbingly, over whether or not you and I should be free from the bonds of government intervention.

Law is not an opinion, although we’ve made it into that, which can be easily obfuscated by powerful people wearing black robes.

The law must mean that the People may challenge any aspect of “Governments instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed…”

In the face of courts ruling with one side taking one point and the other who may or may not conform to the delegated powers granted to the state, how can we, in all honesty, claim we have a legitimate government?

This Fourth of July think about your children, how they will grow, how they will prosper, and how they may be forced to fight for their freedom when you’ve subscribed to the idea that law is based on a Five to Four decision, and not the struggle that our Forefathers endured.

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