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Restore the Republic

Your Child Has Been Murdered

October 16, 2017 | 2nd Amendment, Constitution, Founders, Militia

by Nicholas Testaccio

The pages of history are filled with blood, massacre, and genocide. Battles where the soil was stained red to mark the savagery of men towards other men.

In the battle of Teutoburg Forrest, it is estimated that Three Roman Legions lost as many as 20,000 men.

Here on our own soil, casualties at the Battle of Gettysburg alone exceeded 50,000 men.

Military deaths for WWII are estimated at over 25,000,000 men.

Those were wars, and soldiers die in war. They attack, they defend, they invade while bullets and bombs whiz above them, around them, and through them. They risk life and limb for what often turns out to be a lie. It has been a part of who we are for eons.

Too many of us ignore the darker side of humanity’s character. There is something within some of us that spurs hatred so deep, and disturbing that we’re willing to exterminate our fellow man. Men, women, children, old, and invalid are not spared. The oppressed run in fear, and hide in terror. They watch as their loved ones are carted off to some horror. Children are ripped from their parents while mothers and fathers watch helpless, and tormented.

The number of those slaughtered for some inexplicable reason can’t be reconciled. While the world seems to be content with a number around 60,000,000 in the Twentieth Century the count has been revised upward several times. As records are examined, the genocide under Mao Zedong alone is somewhere around 90,000,000. Stalin is reported to be responsible for the murder of 20,000,000, but as a former KGB once told me, the number is more likely over 30,000,000.

Those people were starved, tortured, and murdered in some of the most hideous of fashions. Christian Armenian women were stripped naked, and crucified as an example of the extreme cruelty one sect can carry out against another. It is estimated that the Turks exterminated as much as Sixty Percent of the Armenians.

Adolph Hitler is credited with saying, “Who now speaks of the Armenians”. Whether he made such a statement or not is irrelevant. Someone thought it, and others grasped the idea that we do not remember as we should the record of the past.

If you’ve looked for the pictures of the crucified Armenian women, or researched the quote by Hitler, I want you to keep the images, and thoughts in your head as you read what I’ve written here.

The genocide of the Twentieth Century, in which more than 250,000,000 people were slaughtered, should be foremost in our minds when we open any discussion on government, and the relationship between it, and the people it governs.

Government is a fiction that is run by people who have the same fears, aspirations, and sins as you and me. They are not infallible because they’ve been elected to a position, or hired to fill some bureaucracy. They often lie, cheat, and steal from the very people whose rights they were elected, or appointed to protect.

Those in government often abuse their power, and cause more harm than good. Some are power hungry megalomaniacs with no conscience at all. Some hate those they serve with a passion that is beyond comprehension. Because of their hatred, they create atrocities such as the Killing Fields of Cambodia. In far too many cases the depravity knows no end.

Tens of Millions of helpless women, children, sick, and elderly have been slaughtered over the years at the hands of someone with the authority of government to back their heinous crimes.

In Las Vegas, Nevada, there was a mass shooting, in which fifty-eight people were killed, and five hundred plus wounded. The details of the event are sketchy, and of course we the common folk are not allowed to know all the details. We’re only given a view from a mile away, and never allowed to know the whole truth. At best, we will be given conflicting information.

In the wake of this tragedy, the calls have once again come out to disarm the public. Ban “assault weapons”, limit magazine capacity, and the ultimate insult to those who authored our founding documents, remove the Second Amendment.

Throughout history, the common man has generally been defenseless against whatever madman who fired up the troops and set off to rape, pillage, and plunder. Today, collateral damage is used as a means of mollifying the horror imposed on the innocent.

Disarmament of the public has been the general rule. The aristocracy would not allow for the chance that the people of the country could posses enough arms to throw off the yoke of tyranny. The obvious, and foremost action was, and still is, to maintain a docile, and impotent populace.

The pages of history are filled with massacres of innocents, primarily at the hands of some bellicose body acting under the direction of someone claiming the authority of a government official.

However, in America, our Forefathers who were students of both history, and the character of men, incorporated what they saw as an important aspect of “a free state” that would allow We the People to stop an encroaching tyranny. “The Militia of the several States,” as it is clearly stated in the text of the Constitution was not placed there to turn-a-phrase, or add insignificant banter to our rule of law. It was placed there because those who fought the Revolution saw first hand the acts of a tyrant, but more importantly they were keenly aware of the lessons of history.

Where is the Militia today? It lies dormant, and incompatible with a nation of ignorant, ambivalent people whose only ties to what happened in the past has been programmed by sound bites, and history text that is doctored to suit the agenda of those who seek unlimited power.

You need only look as far as the mirror to understand the problems we face today.

We are a society led by our lack of knowledge, fueled by prejudice, and nurtured by ambivalence. We function by knee jerk reactions, and following the crowd that knows only what their told to think. The clear majority has no regard for the rule of law, or the history that brought us to this point in time. They are, as Vladimir Lenin called them, “useful idiots”.

In Vegas, a child was murdered. In fact, fifty-eight children were murdered. They may have been a mother, or a father, but they were none-the-less the children of someone. The act, with what we’ve been allowed to know, was that of a madman. Suffering, and grieving will sweep the nation. There must be something done of substance that will prevent such tragedy, and maintain “a free state”, but not by “sheep”.

In 1902 the Congress passed “An Act To promote the efficiency of the militia, and for other purposes.” For those who’ve never actually read the act, nor the history and development of the militia, the act did two things:
1. It revitalized the Militia statutes that were essentially moribund.

2. It allowed the states to “keep Troops, or Ships of War in time of Peace,” under Article 1, Section 10, Cls. 3.

Why was the Dick Act necessary? The States had failed in their responsibility under Article 1, Section 8, Cls. 15&16 to maintain a Militia.

During the Civil War, and the Spanish American War it was apparent that able-bodied men were no longer “well regulated”. That is to say, those who should be ready for war, trained to arms, and organized were woefully unprepared. Congress attempted to revitalize the militia, and establish a military unit that the States could call upon, a voluntary unit, to fill the void.

While militia was compulsory, the states were not enforcing the statutes, and as it is today, the people had no intention of putting themselves on the front line. They would much rather pass it along to someone willing to step up, and perform the duty that all should embrace, but refuse to accept.

Well America, we are in crisis mode. I don’t care what nonsense you believe, or propaganda you consume. This nation is on the verge of critical mass because We the People do nothing more than follow along like lambs to slaughter.

What needs to be done is for the American people to stand up now, and demand that every legislator, executive, and justice abide their oath of office. We must also demand a clean slate from those, who’ve destroyed our system, to come forward and admit their crimes against humanity.

There is a problem with my wishes. It is We the People, for which government exists, and acts. So, it is our duty to reign in the terror created by decades of buffoons who’ve come close to totally destroying family, community, and culture. We have allowed for every wild scheme to take hold, and ruin millions of lives. Instead of demanding that the myriad of laws created by this constantly encroaching government stop, we ask for more punishment.

What happened in Las Vegas, like so many other events will be cloaked in secrecy, and mystery.

Instead of looking for motives, lets look for the facts. Account for the hundreds of spent brass cases that should have been on the floor of room 135 on the 32nd floor. Let’s have full disclosure of the trajectory of the gunshots. There were more than 500 shot. There will be a true story told by the wounds. Let’s hear all the testimony from people like Rocky Palermo. Give us all the gruesome details so that We the People can make the proper call as to what took place.

Congress, the ignorant, and the media are all over gun control instead of the facts. Why aren’t we asking for full disclosure? Are those who want to disarm their fellow citizens so foolish to think that a government that spits on the rule of law will maintain “a free state”?

Look in the mirror so that you can remember your face as you sold your country down the drain. Remember that look so when your children, or grandchildren ask you why, you can recount the errors.

The lessons of history, the repeated lies, the dismantling of our fundamental law, and a constant barrage of propaganda should have put a wary person on guard. Instead, we took the road that was fed to us despite all the signs, and all the deceit.

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