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1. A state in which the supreme power rests in the body of citizens entitled to vote and is exercised by representatives chosen directly or indirectly by them.
2. A state in which the head of government is not a monarch or other hereditary head of state.

It is our hope that you will enjoy the content of this site, but more importantly we hope to inspire thought and questions.

Some of us were fortunate enough to be brought up at a time before the redesign of our education system was in full bloom. The Constitution was a genuine document of law, not a living entity that could be changed at a whim. Our parents and teachers understood the concept of the rule of law and this Republic before a concerted effort was made to re-educate the people – “The Grand Deception.”

With the help of some very powerful and wealthy organizations a movement began in this country to distort and corrupt the definitions of this country, its law and liberty.

The United States of America is a Constitutional Federal Republic by which ‘the people’ elect representatives to congress through a vote. Our congressmen were elected to represent the rights of the people. The original role of the senator was to represent the interests of the state and not the central government. The 17th Amendment changed that, which represents a large step in the degradation of the Republic.

My father, my grandfather and yours understood the concept of this Republic better than we do today. It is a union of states dedicated to the preservation of freedom; it is not a democracy by which greed and avarice are used to stir envy among the citizenry.

Within the core of this Republic lies the will of the people to maintain their own liberty. It is not outlined in the Constitution nor protected by the Bill of Rights. It is our duty to ourselves, our families and our fellow Americans to take up the banner against those enemies, foreign and domestic.

We are not allowed the right to speak freely by the words in the 1st Amendment nor does the 6th guarantee a right to trial by jury. The courts do not work for our justice, nor do our legislatures work to maintain our freedom. It is only through our diligent defense of those rights that their validity is enforced.

Our rights are undefined and unalienable while those powers granted to the government are limited and few as enumerated in the Constitution, Article 1, Section 8. To abandon that concept is to discard the principles for which our Founding Fathers risked their lives and fortunes.

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