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“Our central bankers and our politicians express no fear that the course on which we are set is fraught with great danger to our economy and our political system … Our addiction to deficit spending, debt, and inflation guarantees the collapse of our economy.”
Dr. Ron Paul, April 25 2006

“When weaker nations are intimidated by more powerful ones, striking back very often can be done only through terrorism, a problem that will continue to threaten all Americans as our leaders incite those who oppose our aggressive stands throughout the world. But when a foreign war comes to our shores in the form of terrorism, we can be sure that our government will explain the need for further sacrifice of personal liberties to win this war against terrorism as well.”
– Dr. Ron Paul, April 21 1999

“Interventionism is done with a pretense of wisdom believing we always know the good guys from the bad guys, and that we will ignore the corporate and political special interests always agitating for influence. Nothing could be further from the truth.”
Dr. Ron Paul, April 21 1999

“Mr. Speaker, I rise to urge the Congress to think twice before thrusting this nation into a war without merit – one fraught with the danger of escalating into something no American will be pleased with.”
Dr. Ron Paul, September 4 2002

“One hundred years of intense government ‘benevolence’ in the United States has brought us to the brink of economic collapse, a domestic police state, and perpetual war overseas.And now our obsession with conquering and occupying Iraq is about to unleash consequences that no one can accurately foresee. The negative possibilities are unlimited and the benefits negligible.”
Dr. Ron Paul, November 14 2002


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